Scope of services

MARMEX Ltd. Co. provides a complete range of services related to commissioning, repairs and modernisation of pumping power units with electric motors and diesel engines together with supplies of spare parts.

The scope of our business activities covers:

  1. Installation and commissioning
  2. Checks and diagnostics
    Alignment of pumping power units with the application of laser technology
    Non-invasive measurement of bearings and their conditions
    Measurement of vibrations
    Verification of damage made to pumping power units
    Examination of electric motors and their technical conditions – measurements and tests
    Running tests of fire-protection power units (electric and diesel)
  3. Technical consultancy
    Hydraulic installations and systems
    Fire protection systems
  4. Repair services
    Dynamic balancing of shafts and rotors
    Repairs of dry-installed and submersible pumps
    Repairs of electric motors
  5. Maintenance services
  6. Supplies
    Pumps, motors, pumping power units
    Spare parts
    Mechanical seals (Crane, Hecker, Burgmann, Vulcan)
    Rolling and slide bearings